Summon the Giants!

4 Giants to be exact – noble protectors of the 4 key ingredients of beer: malt, hops, grain and yeast and champions of giant-sized, in-your-face, boldly-flavored beer.

Choose your quest

Each entry in the 4 Giants Series promises a brand new flavor adventure that’s sure to test your notions of what craft beer can be. Your quest for a GIANT, bolder, flavor-bursting beer starts and ends here.

4 Giants Imperial IPA

Boasting an assertive bitterness balanced by a malty, sweet backbone – the enormous aromatics in this Imperial IPA come courtesy of seven hop varieties.

9.2% Alcohol 80 IBUs

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4 Giants and the Haze of Destiny can image

4 Giants and the haze of destiny

This big and bold Imperial IPA is smoothed out by copious amounts of oats and wheat to create a delicious and inviting haze.

8.4% Alcohol 50 IBUs

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4 Giants Tropical Treasure Packaging

4 Giants Tropical Treasure

This Hazy IPA is absolutely bombarded with the aromas of pineapple, tangerine and lemon for moderate sweetness and a touch of lingering bitterness.

7.5% Alcohol 50 IBUs

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4 Giants Starcatcher haze can, draft and package

4 Giants Starcatcher Haze

What happens when the rock and roll prowess of Greta Van Fleet meets the might of the 4 Giants? You get 4 Giants Starcatcher Haze IPA, a limited-edition hazy IPA that calls forth the power of the cosmos to create a smooth, citrusy drinking adventure! Celestial, harmonious and delicious above all else – Starcatcher Haze IPA will leave you screaming for an encore.

6.6% Alcohol 50 IBUs

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Here There be Giants!

4 Giants to be exact – protectors of the realm and guardians of all that inhabit it.

Image of Dubtrub


Grain icon

The guardian of grain, Dubtrub is slightly devious and sneaky. He’s the question master. His actions may at times be seen as ‘bad’ but his intentions are good.


Image of Tenkay


Hops icon

Hero of the realm of hops, Tenkay is noble and strong, with a heart of gold. He takes chances and is bold, but luck is on his side.


Image of Cellina


Water icon

Protector of the water, Cellina is ethereal, wise and all knowing. She doesn’t take action unless action is needed, but is not to be messed with when duty calls.



Yeast icon

The YEAST-master, Octane is snarky and rude, but deep down he means well. His philosophy? Bigger, better, bolder, faster – and his wild inventions reflect this.


The Protagonist

Prophecy foretells of a wise and noble adventurer who possesses the ability to Summon the Giants at will; could it be you?

You become the hero in the 4 Giants  story every time you crack open a can of 4 Giants Imperial IPA or 4 Giants and the Haze of Destiny.

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